Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition (Wii U) Review

Tekken is an arcade style fighting game with emphasis on hand to hand combat and limited use of other forms of weaponry. The true test of a Tekken fighter is in the technique of fighting itself, the way the player controls the character around the screen and the speed with which he delivers blows to the opponent is what matters in Tekken. Much like the initial days of Tekken, especially Tekken Tag Tournament, every character has been included from the past versions and none have been deleted except perhaps saved as unlockable characters. Due to this fact, the Tekken game has some of the largest playable roasters in the tekken game series. Players can choose from one of two options. Either they can choose a two on two tag team match where they are free to switch among two players at any given point og time during an active match, or they can simply go with a single elimination round consisting of a solo player on each end with one set character that cannot be changed in between a game.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Reviews

The Tekken franchise is unknown to practically nobody familiar with gaming. Known for being one of the more hardcore fighting games out there, it can be a little intimidating to walk into your average Tekken game and try to get a feel for the combat style and study-heavy combos. The Tag Tournament series of games lives outside of traditional Tekken canon, offering tons of fighters from all over the series to kick, punch, and decimate with.

To be honest, playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is just plain fun; even the tutorial does a great job of acclimating you to the fighting engine while having fun with itself and keeping the atmosphere light. That being said though, no punches are pulled in Wii U Edition ; every fighter and all the difficulty of your normal Tekken fighting game can be found here.

To start off, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (TTT2) has an impressive This is a big improvement over the older system of online matchmaking.

Join the world’s greatest fighters to swap blows in action-packed battles! Choose from a massive cast of characters and unleash your most vicious combos to claim ultimate victory! Buy Xbox content on Xbox. Your Xbox console will automatically download the content next time you turn it on and connect to Xbox Live. Click to create and send a link using your email application. Skip to main content. Game Rating: T Teen.


By Shane Jury For those that first adopted gaming as a hobby back in the PlayStation days, the name “Tekken” will be a very familiar term. Starting life as a popular arcade title, it didn’t take long for the Namco-developed scrapper to make its way to what was emerging as the most popular console of that generation.

Three games would grace the machine, in fact, with the main numbered series remaining Sony exclusive until it hit Xbox with the sixth entry.

WALMART EXCLUSIVE VERSION of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for PS3 with Bonus *Multiplayer Match – Challenge your friends in a 2-on-2 tag-team battle,​.

After almost a decade, the franchise ventures back into familiar territory with the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This new entry into the subseries holds the formula tightly to its chest, in addition to being the most technical fighter the series has seen yet. Aside from the main arcade mode, online play is highly satisfying with a robust netcode and matchmaking options available. Speaking of which, character customisation is through the roof with this new title, and the fight money you earn will be well-spent on items and accessories.

In summary, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a stellar new entry into the series that brings back all the characters you have ever known from the series, and provides hours of fun gameplay with great new mechanics and plenty to learn. Design: 8. Facebook Count.


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the online matchmaking as well as a large addition of character customizations​. the Japanese Tekken-Net service for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited.

Tekken has seen its fair share of instalments over the years and with every new entry into the series came an ever expanding roster. The game was quite a hit back in its day mainly due to the fact it included many characters who had disappeared from the Tekken storyline. Up to that point, Kazuya Mishima being heavily focused on within that game, on its box art and most promotional material for Tekken Tag Tournament due to his absence from Tekken 3 and being a fan favourite.

The game still holds a cult status today in that it is still played worldwide at game conventions and tournaments more often than any other entry into the Tekken series thus far. Namco Bandai said the game would expand on the tag mechanics, incorporate some gameplay mechanics from Tekken 6, and feature characters from the more recent Tekken games. This sounded like an amazing follow up to the original Tekken Tag Tournament, but the question is did Namco deliver with Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

These characters range across the entire Tekken series all the way up to Tekken 6. The game has an astounding roster of characters all with their own ending cinematics. That leads to a lot of replay value through the arcade mode alone. The game does indeed improve upon the tag mechanics of the last game, now including tag combos to switch in and out between partners by doing extremely powerful double team moves or air juggle attacks.

This mode really is useful for new players starting out or those needing a refresher in basics.

are all fighting game matchmaking systems this terrible?

A tag-team focused spin-off of the Tekken series, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the successor to the game Tekken Tag Tournament , pitting most characters from the series’ history at that point in the series in non-canonical 2-on-2 team battles. Like the previous entry, it builds on the game engine and roster of the latest entry in the series in this case, Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and features special tag-team mechanics.

Along with customization updates and character balances, this version includes a new ratio system allowing players to fight with a solo character, changing the Rage system to that in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and a “pair play” mode where players team up, each controlling a single character.

The fact that so much effort was put into TTT2’s offline multiplayer proves to me that Namco Bandai and Katsuhiro Harada understand that.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a tag-team fighting arcade game that was released by Bandai Namco Games on September 14 , ; it runs upon the company’s System hardware, and as the name suggests, it is the second title for the Tekken series to focus on tag-team battles as opposed to one-on-one battles. Originally intended to feature characters from Tekken 6 , Jun Kazama who had not appeared since Tekken 2 in was later added after many fan requests to series creator Katsuhiro Harada; after this, several more characters who had not appeared for over a decade were also added, and by the time this game was released, it featured sixty characters, which is the largest character roster for the Tekken series’ history.

This version also has additional costumes, based on characters from Nintendo franchises like The Legend of Zelda. In , the World Tekken Federation the site in charge of the console versions’ accounts, rankings, and bans closed down due to the insufficient amount of accounts to maintain it, and on February 17 , , all cabinets in Japan were closed down to make way for those of the then-upcoming Tekken 7.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 |OT| Awaiting the “Final Battle”

Yes it is. You should be able to dash, backdash, sidestep and so on until you can pretty much dance around a stage. Mastery over movement gives you positional advantage. The other stuff such as juggles and defense and mindgames will follow. This has to do with the wealth of arcades in Japan and Korea. There are a few big groups playing it in the United States as well as far as I know.

I grew up with Tekken 5 and 6 and now Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is in sale for 6 Is there smth like a matchmaking system that let’s you play against players of.

Never underestimate the heart of a champion. The original tag team fighter that started it all is back. Tekken tag tournament 2 delivers new and returning characters in the largest roster ever. Experience the most advanced attack mechanics, ultimate combo move sets and new battle modes. Skip to main content. Search Search. Genres: Fighting.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Can’t handle this anymore. Why Do I Keep Losing? Can’t handle this anymore Post New Topic. Post Reply. I recently got ttt2 about a week ago, and this is my very first tekken in my whole life. I just went online right after I got the game, played around 10 games and of course lost all.

Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the trophies for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in the most comprehensive trophy guide on the internet.

Some of my best memories of gaming are of fighting games. Way back in the mid to late 90s, we used to gather around one of our NES knock-offs and take turns fighting each other in Street Fighter II. Later on, we graduated to playing the first Marvel vs Capcom on the original PlayStation. Not like we knew what we were doing in these games, we just liked to try and beat each other up.

But as time went by, newer consoles came along with newer and better fighting games. What is widely regarded as one of the best fighting games of all time was a game called Tekken 3 on the PlayStation. This was the first fighting game I played that incorporated 3D in more than just a visual capacity. This game rekindled my interest in fighting games and a year and a couple hundred of Street Fighter game binges later, here I am with my first 3D fighting game in almost five years with Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Despite all this, the games have managed to have a deep and compelling storyline about daddy issues on a cosmic scale if you follow the canonical endings of Jin Kazama — the closest thing the series has to a main character. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 itself has very little bearing on the main storyline of the franchise, though.

Tekken Tag 2 – Online Matchmaking

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