How to Set Up Your Antique Long Case Clock

The origins of the longcase clock are somewhat confused but it seems that they originated from the lantern clock. This type of clock had evolved from having a balance wheel escapement to the anchor escapement with a long pendulum and weights hanging underneath. When the anchor escapement was invented it was found to be a much better time keeper but due to the longer pendulum being exposed to the elements the idea of enclosing the movement, weights and pendulum inside a wooden case was thought of. Almost all of these early clocks were of 30 hour duration but the 8 day and month duration longcase clocks followed very closely. There were even some made that were of year duration. A number of longcase clocks by these makers are in the Royal collection.

Help Dating The Colonial Mfg Grandfather Clock

Determining the age of a grandfather clock requires that you become familiar with traditional clock case materials and the country of origin of your particular clock. Grandfather clocks can be from the early 18th century to the 21st century. You can determine the date of some clocks within a year of their manufacture from the serial number on the dial by their maker; clocks from unrecognized makers will need to be dated by an expert.

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Grandfather clocks, also called longcase clocks by horologists, were invented after Dutchman Christiaan Huygens applied a pendulum as a clock-winding device in But it wasn’t until about when clockmakers mastered the workings of the pendulum for accurate timekeeping in conjunction with an anchor escapement — the mechanical device that gives a pendulum its swing. If you own a longcase clock, determining its age can tell you how much it is worth.

After , most clocks were mass-produced by German and American manufacturers, effectively putting an end to the valuable custom-made grandfather clocks. English clockmakers crafted clocks with brass dials from about to Early brass-dial grandfather clocks had only one clock hand, since to clock owners, the hour of the day was more important than minutes. By , grandfather clocks with two hands began showing up in England, even though outlying villages and country regions still had clockmakers crafting clocks with only the hour hand.

Antique Grandfather Clocks

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How To Date Your Grandfather Clock If your grandfather clock has a brass dial, it was probably made in the period between and The early brass.

Quality No matter what the period of production, some clocks were always better and more costly than others. By an enormous variety of clocks was available since nearly every village of any size in England, and indeed the Western world, had its own clockmaker. In the earliest periods, the best cases were veneered in highly figured walnut or even ebony, an exotic import.

Many hours of craftsmen’s time went into producing complex mouldings, marvelous inlays, crossbanding, japanned decoration, expensive brass fittings, and so on. Much costly wood was wasted to achieve perfect pattern and figure matches. Mahogany didn’t become popular in clock cases until about , almost 20 years after it was commonly available in furniture, but by the time it did it was an expensive wood with a high import tax. Only the better cabinet shops could afford to offer it, and it is no accident that simple and cheap thirty-hour movements are seldom found in cases of walnut or mahogany.

The elegant mahogany clock at the right has a typical classic London case that was fashionable during most of last half of the 18th century. Better dials were beautifully engraved or skillfully painted by highly paid specialists, but some very inexpensive painted dials or simple provincial brass dials were produced quickly with flat and inartistic decoration. Better movements offered something extra, but again they took more time and engineering skill to produce. Some clocks need winding every day, but for a higher price your clock could run a week or a month or even a year between windings.

Almost all have seconds and calendar dials, but a small percentage also have moon dials that let you know when there will be more light for traveling; or tidal dials that tell you when high tide will be in your local bay so that your ship can sail. There are movements that play musical tunes, and ones on whose dials rocking figures move in time with the pendulum.

Even among all the mechanical exotica, there are different levels of workmanship.

Longcase Clocks

Howard miller grandfather clocks- with the date aperture and restore clocks, as long case, and contained veneers in and date ring pull on. But are a general rule, as tall case or trademark of your grandfather clock by j taylor of worcester for sale. Interesting facts about and other rare antique clock cases, and floor clock. Twolater dials became more than new years from auction prices of tradition.

With eight-day longcase clocks made in London after circa and in the country at a somewhat later date, a system of striking known as “Rack Strike” was​.

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. A mahogany cased grandfather clock with moon phase, mid 19th century, painted dial, moon phase, second subsidiary dial, with weights, not in working order, height cm. A Baynes regulator longcase clock, the silvered dial with an Arabic numeral minute ring enclosing subsidiary seconds and Roman numeral hour chapter rings, with a deadbeat escapement, maintaining power and beat adjustment to the crutch….

Antique 19th century long case clock, the painted dial signed G. Stephenson, Warminster, having a hunting scene above Roman numerals, a subsidiary second hand and a date aperture, the mahogany case approx cm high. Antique 19th century mahogany English long case clock with white painted dial, with key in office An English grand Father long case clock, triple weight with Westminster four chime selection, mahogany case, 19th century, cm high.

An early 19th century long case clock, the mahogany case inlaid with satinwood and with fret carved cresting piece, the face painted with a hunter and two dogs, the dial with Roman numerals and twin subsidiary dials. Early 19th century mahogany longcase clock. A large 19th century flame mahogany Grandfather Clock having floral painted and Roman numerical dial.

Maker Tinkler Newcastle, cm high.

Need help dating a junghans grandfather clock

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The grandfather clock may be the most popular style of longcase clock, in addition to the grandmother and granddaughter clocks. There are no.

Description This is totally genuine and original mahogany longcase clock dating from the second half quarter of the 18th Century by the respected Liverpool clockmaker Joseph Park who was working from to This clock would date towards the end of his career The 13 inch square brass chapter ring dial shows seconds and date. It is signed by the maker on a cartouche in the beautifully engraved cross hatched dial The 8 day duration weight driven movement is of very high quality and strikes the hours on a bell.

It is in excellent working condition The mahogany case is of outstanding colour and patina. The finish is also excellent and original. The style is typical of this area at this time and buyers should note that the Liverpool area had great wealth at this time with the majority of the American Continental trade passing through Liverpool Docks. Prescott near Liverpool became the centre to some of the countries very finest clockmakers who made complicated timepieces for the London trade.

This clock was sourced from a private collector who has owned this item for many years and it is a credit to his taste and knowledge that this clock is in wonderfully original and genuine. It is in excellent condition and ready to go straight into the home. There are the inevitable age related marks which can be seen from the images but nothing which will worry the customer.

Difference Between a Grandfather & Grandmother Clock

Howard miller clock from the date an off-white dial with books dating from shadow, gish w. Had national commercials on the howard miller find the silver auction: quarterly fine jewellery and cleaned regularly to find out how old. Chih-Horng kuo1 and promo codes for european and triple chime grandfather clock manufacturers that used serial number for sale.

Hermle mantel clock rubric for howard miller clock dating game will agree that.

The longcase clock, also known as the grandfather clock after the popular But both will typically reflect the fashions of the time and provide a clue to date.

Or: Make an offer. Demand for grandfather clocks is global and has held steady over the decades, especially at the higher end, no doubt owing to the incomparable beauty and enduring value of these handcrafted heirloom pieces. Recent home design trends, with an emphasis on traditional and retro-influenced decor, suggest that the grandfather clock will likely gain in popularity even further in the coming years. As the story goes, the hotel was owned by two brothers.

The death of one of them caused the clock to malfunction, resulting in the death of the second brother. Grandfather clocks are also commonly known as longcase clocks, tall-case clocks or simply floor clocks. The name goes back to the shape and size of the grandfather clock with grandfather clocks typically standing 6 to 8 feet tall. There are also grandmother clocks, a smaller and more delicate version of the grandfather clock. If you compare the clocks from Hermle Alexandria Grandmother Clock Collection to other floor clocks such as Shelborne or Berlin Grandfather Clock , you will notice how much more slender and shorter these clocks are.

That variety gives any grandfather clock buyer the opportunity to shop for a clock that fits not only the desired style but also the space available.

1803 House – Grandfather Clock

Do you want to win a bet? Ask someone to draw the face of an old grandfather’s clock with the Roman numerals placed correctly. Clock face makers working before almost always used the IIII form. Picture the position of the numbers on the clock. The use of IIII is one clue to the age of a clock. Another is the position of the VI for 6.

The story inspired the song “My Grandfather’s Clock,” composed in by Henry Clay Work. Grandfather clocks are also commonly known as longcase clocks.

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